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Father Gregory Kelly Assemby, Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus.


Pursuant to Article VII, Section 21, Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus, the following by-laws are adopted by the <Insert Assembly Name Here> Assembly, Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus.

Article I – Name

The official name of this body shall be the “<Insert Assembly Name Here> Assembly, Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus.”

Article II – Elections

      Section 1. All officers shall be elected at the first regular meeting in <May> of each year. The officers shall hold office for a term of one year, beginning July 1, and until their successors are elected and qualified. Trustees shall be elected for a three year staggered term, as provided in Section 24(i) of Article VIII of the Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus.

       Sec. 2. The election of officers shall be by ballot. A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary to elect; except that where several of equal degree are to be chosen, a majority shall not be necessary, but all shall be voted for on one ballot and no ballot containing names of more or less candidates than there are such offices to be voted for shall be counted, and those receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected in the order of the number of votes received.

      Sec. 3. The Faithful Navigator shall appoint two members who shall not be candidates in the election to act as Tellers. After all who are entitled to do so have voted, the ballot shall be declared closed and the Tellers shall then proceed to count the votes. One of the Tellers shall examine each ballot singly and pass the same to his associate, who shall read aloud the name or names written or printed on all legal ballots. The Scribe shall tally the same and the result thereof shall be announced by the presiding officer.

      Sec. 4. Each officer elected must qualify and fill the office to which he is chosen, with or without installation, at the first regular meeting in the month of July succeeding his election, unless excused by a vote of the Assembly, and must present himself for installation at the time specified in the notice issued by or through the District Master, unless excused by such officer. Otherwise such office shall be considered vacant.

      Sec. 5. Any officer who misses three consecutive general meetings may have his office declared vacant, subject to the approval of the Master.

      Sec. 6. Vacancies in elective offices shall be filled, after notice to the members, by election at the regular business meeting next succeeding the regular meeting at which the vacancy was created.

      Article III – Officers

      Section 1. The Assembly shall elect a Faithful Navigator, a Faithful Captain, a Faithful Pilot, a Faithful Comptroller, a Faithful Scribe, a Faithful Purser, Faithful Inner and Outer Sentinels, a Faithful Admiral and three Trustees. The Faithful Navigator, Faithful Captain, Faithful Admiral and Faithful Pilot shall annually appoint a priest to act as Faithful Friar or Chaplain but such selection must be made in accordance with any rules established by the bishop of the diocese in which the assembly is located. The Faithful Admiral shall be chosen from the Past Faithful Navigators of the assembly, if any there be.

Note from Board of Directors: Priests other than the duly appointed Assembly Friar may be designated as Assistant Friars, it the Assembly so desires.

      Sec. 2. The Faithful Navigator shall act as presiding officer, with all powers and duties incident to such office. In his absence, or inability to perform such duties of office, the Faithful Captain shall perform such duties and exercise such powers.

      Sec. 3. The Faithful Captain shall, in the absence of the Faithful Navigator, perform the duties and exercise the powers of that office. He shall also, to assure a good attendance at meetings and other functions, have charge of social and other activities under the Good of the Order.

      Sec. 4. The Faithful Admiral shall preside in case of the absence of both preceding officers, and may have such other powers and perform such other duties as herein prescribed.

      Sec. 5. The Faithful Pilot shall have charge of all properties of the Assembly except moneys, accounts and record books of the officers but including ceremonials, shall be responsible for arrangement of the Assembly chamber and shall direct and be responsible for the activities of the Sentinels.

      Sec. 6. The Faithful Comptroller shall collect and receive all moneys due the assembly and all funds obtained from any source and transfer the same to the Faithful Purser and obtain a receipt from that officer; he shall keep accounts of the charges and receipts of each member; he shall keep a roll of the members, their ages, residences and occupations, with the date of their initiation in the Fourth Degree; he shall, upon request by a member transferring to another assembly, issue a transfer card, signed by the Faithful Navigator and attested by the Faithful Comptroller; he shall issue to each member not indebted to the assembly for dues, a Fourth Degree membership card, duly signed and attested as above, which card shall entitle a member to admittance to any meeting of the Fourth Degree within the period specified on said card and upon further compliance with the rule requiring that the member produce a Third Degree membership card; he shall keep such necessary official records and forms as will be furnished by the Supreme Secretary, he shall notify quarterly the Supreme Secretary of all suspensions, withdrawals, deaths, reinstatements and transfers to or from other assemblies occurring during the period; and he shall generally perform all duties incident to his office as required by the Order’s laws, the laws and rules of the Fourth Degree and of the Board of Directors.

      Sec. 7. The Faithful Scribe shall keep a record of the minutes of all regular and special meetings in a bound book furnished for that purpose by the Assembly.

      Sec. 8. The Faithful Purser shall act as the treasurer of the assembly, keeping necessary records in a bound book or in computer format furnished for that purpose by the Assembly; give a receipt to the Faithful Comptroller for all moneys given him by said Faithful Comptroller. He shall pay all orders drawn on him which are signed by the Faithful comptroller and countersigned by the Faithful Navigator. All such orders shall have the approval of the Board of Trustees, except demands of the Supreme Council, initiation fees due the District Master, the regular and usual stated payments of the assembly and payments authorized by the assembly.

      Sec. 9. The Faithful Inner and Outer Sentinels shall be responsible to see that all in attendance at meetings are in possession of appropriate valid Third and Fourth Degree membership cards and shall perform such other duties as directed by the Faithful Pilot.

      Sec.10. The Faithful Comptroller and the Faithful Purser shall each give a bond for the faithful performance of the duties of his office in such amount and form as may be from time to time determined by the Board of Trustees.

      Sec.11. The Trustees shall before each meeting carefully examine all bills and present same to the Assembly with their recommendation; and the approval of at least two members of the Board of Trustees shall be required for the payment of any bills or statements. They shall annually during the first ten days of July make an audit of the books of the Faithful Comptroller and Faithful Purser, as of each June 30 and report their finding to the Assembly and file the same with the Assembly not later than the next regular meeting of the assembly following such audit. The Faithful Navigator shall be chairman of the Board of Trustees.

      Article IV – Delegates to District Assembly

Delegates and their respective alternates to the District Assembly shall be elected at the February meeting in the year in which such district assembly is convened; prior notice of the holding of such election having been given to all members of the Assembly.

Article V – Committees

The Faithful Navigator shall be ex-officio a member of all committees and of the Board of Trustees of the Assembly, and shall be empowered to appoint, in addition to the permanent committees herein listed, any such committee or committees as he may deem proper and as shall be directed by the Assembly.

The standing committees of the Assembly shall be: Admissions Committee: consisting of seven (7) members of the Assembly including the Faithful Admiral who shall be the Chairman. Its duty shall be to pass on all applications for membership in conformity with the provisions of Article IX, Section 28 of the Laws and Rules of the Fourth Degree. Welfare Committee: to visit the sick of the Assembly. Membership Committee: to encourage increase of membership and to encourage worthy Third Degree members of the Knights of Columbus to apply for advancement to the Fourth Degree.

Article VI – Meetings

The regular meetings of the Assembly shall be held on the <Fourth Tuesday> of each month at such time and place as the Assembly may designate. Special meetings may be called as provided in Article VII, Section 20, of the Laws and Rules of the Fourth Degree. <Fifteen (15)> members shall constitute a quorum at a meeting, except that at a meeting where a change in these by-laws is to be voted upon, or other resolution, then <twenty-five (25)> shall constitute a quorum.

The order of business shall be such as is provided in Section 22 of the Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree, and in all matters not expressly covered by the Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree, the procedure shall be the same as that provided by the Constitution and Laws of the Knights of Columbus and Bourinot's Rules of Order.

Article VII – Dues

The dues shall be <Ten Dollars ($10.00)> per annum, payable during the month of January of each year.

Article VIII – Funds

      Section 1. All monies obtained from any source, by or through any person or persons, acting for or in the name of the Assembly or under its direction or authority, shall be considered Assembly funds and shall be forthwith delivered to the Faithful Comptroller who shall give his official receipt therefore and who shall report by the close of each meeting the amounts so received and from what source and shall deliver the same to the Purser and take his receipt therefore.

      Sec. 2. The Purser shall deposit all moneys received from the Comptroller in a bank to the credit of the Assembly. Disbursements from this fund shall be made only by a check signed by the Faithful Navigator and Purser. The depository shall be furnished with a copy of this section.

      Sec. 3. No money in excess of <$200.00> shall be paid or transferred from the treasury of this Assembly (except such moneys as the Assembly is called upon to regularly pay for its current expenses, demands of the Supreme Council, purposes approved by the Supreme Council or Board of Directors, or initiation fees due the District Master) unless by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting held subsequent to a regular meeting at which notice in writing of a resolution of intent to pay or transfer such money and the purposes and amount to be paid or transferred shall have been given and regularly read.

      Sec. 4. All bills shall be presented to the Scribe and then referred to the Board of Trustees. In case a bill is not approved by the Board of Trustees, it shall be referred back to the Assembly for action.

      Sec. 5. No officers shall receive any compensation for services rendered the Assembly, except the Faithful Comptroller, who shall be entitled to a fee of <eight> per cent <(8%)> on all collections of dues from members and the Faithful Purser, who shall receive a salary of <Fifty Dollars ($50.00)> per annum; such amounts being paid semi-annually at the meeting at which the Trustees shall file their reports. returned.

Note from Board of Directors: The compensation of the Faithful Comptroller shall be eight per cent (8%) on all collected dues. The Faithful Purser shall receive a Fifty Dollars ($50.00) salary per annum. No other officers shall receive any compensation.

      Sec. 6. The sum of <$100.00> shall be paid from the General Fund to the Faithful Comptroller and shall be known as the Relief Fund. The Faithful Navigator, Comptroller, and Purser shall constitute a Relief Committee. They shall investigate the case of any brother who is reported to be in distress or in need of relief and if in their judgment the case is one deserving of assistance, they shall have power to draw from this Relief Fund such reasonable sum of money to afford assistance as the circumstances of the case may require, provided that in no single case shall more than <$25.00> be paid out without approval of the Assembly.

      (Note: The adoption of this section is not mandatory.)


      Article IX - Annual Communion Sunday

The Assembly shall set aside at least one Sunday each year for the purpose of attending Mass and receiving Communion in a body, the time and place thereof to be fixed by vote at a regular meeting.

(Note: The adoption of this section is not mandatory.)

Article X - Death of Member

Upon the death of any member of this Assembly who is in good standing, <five (5)> Memorial Masses shall be offered for the repose of his soul. Notice of time and place of such Masses shall be given to the family of the deceased. All arrangements shall be made by the Faithful Navigator.


Upon the death of any member of this Assembly in good standing, the gift of a chalice or other religious memorial shall be made by the Assembly to a Church or Priest as selected by the deceased member's family or the Assembly in memory of the deceased member.

(Note: The adoption of either or both of these provisions is optional.)

      Article X – Amendments

      Amendments to these by-laws shall be presented in writing at a regular meeting of the Assembly, but shall not be voted upon until the next succeeding regular meeting. Notice in writing of such proposed amendments shall be mailed to all members at least five (5) days before the meeting at which such resolution is to be voted upon, and a two-thirds vote of those present shall be necessary for the adoption of any such amendment.

      Article X – Effective Date

      These by-laws and any subsequent amendments shall take effect immediately upon their adoption by this Assembly and their approval by the Supreme Advocate, and when effective shall supersede all by-laws which may heretofore have been passed by this Assembly.

      These by-laws passed and approved by vote of the Assembly

Date__<_____________month and day____________>_ 20<__>.

Faithful Navigator

Faithful Scribe



Supreme Advocate





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