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Highlights of the

Father Gregory Kelly Assembly No. 0872

Executive Meeting

Which was held on







7:30 PM



The Assembly will continue having a 50/50 Draw and refreshments at our General Meetings. In an attempt to increase attendance at our General Meetings we will have an Attendance Draw this year. The draw would start at $10 and increment by $10 each month that it is not won with no cut-off limit. If the Sir Knight’s name is drawn he must be present to win the draw.


We will be joining Our Lady of Ludzmieerz Assembly in Brampton for our Installation of Officers, which will be held on Saturday November 4, 2006 at 6 PM.


The dates for our General Meetings at St. Gregory’s Church have been booked with Father John. There are plans to hold at least two scheduled Executive Meetings during the fraternal year. This year’s program was presented (see below). We will be asking councils associated with our Assembly to host some of our events and Executive meetings.


It was decided that we should look into developing a Memorial Service that would be held at the wake of the Sir Knight after consulting with his family and his Council. Sir Knight Murray Goodfellow has offered to assist with the development of this service based on both the Wake Service used by Humber Valley Council and the Knights of Columbus Memorial Service (a copy of which was provided to us by S.K. Felix Pires).


We need to present last year’s Ciborium, in honour of our deceased members, to Father Ed Murphy (S.K. Ed Hammond).


Sir Knight Aurel Chiasson has indicated that we need to recruit 28 new Sir Knights for the upcoming fraternal year.


Upcoming Assembly events include:

1.     Annual Dinner Dance will be held on Friday October 27, 2006 at Christ the King Hall (7 PM). This event will also include the recognition our past Faithful Navigators.

2.     Exemplification for the Clergy will be held in Toronto (January).

3.     Renewal of Obligations will be held at our General Meeting at St. Gregory’s Hall on January 18, 2007 (8 PM).

4.     Blessing of the Swords will be held after Mass on the weekend of the Knights of Columbus Day of the Unborn Child, which is Saturday March 24 or Sunday March 25. The time and location is yet to be determined.

5.     The Executive has decided to continue with the Western Night theme and to have it later on in the fraternal year (after Easter which is on April 8, 2006). The time and location is yet to be determined.

6.     Ladies Night will be held on Saturday June 2, 2007 at St. Gregory’s Church Hall (6:30 PM).

7.     Exemplification will be held in Niagara Falls (June). The Executive agreed to share a Hospitality Room with the other Assemblies as we did this past June. However, if this option is not possible for whatever reason, then we will host our own hospitality room.

8.     Patriotic Program/Project. It was decided that the Faithful Navigator look into the possibility of the Assembly taking part in the City of Mississauga’s Canada Day celebrations (July 1, 2007).


We reviewed the various ways that the Assembly communicates with the members, which are as follows:

1.     Phone committee. We need to determine if all the Sir Knights are being contacted.

2.     Email. We may need to update our email list.

3.     Our Assembly website ( The website lists upcoming events and parades along with the members and their families who are ill or have passed away.

4.     Newsletter. This will be sent either by email (PDF Format) or via Canada Post.

5.     Council Representatives. Each council that is affiliated with the Assembly has been asked to appoint one or more Fourth Degree representatives to promote membership and Assembly events.