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  Knights of Columbus

Father Gregory Kelly Assembly No. 0872
     122 Rathburn Road      Etobicoke, Ontario, M9B 2K6     





















Council Officers




















July 17, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Webmaster: S.K. Joe Mathews


Assembly Information
The Faithful Navigator for 2012-2013 is S.K. David Peters. You can contact the Sir Knights by email at

Assembly Meetings
Third Thursday of each month at 8:00 PM in the Church Hall at St. Gregory's Church, 122 Rathburn Road in Etobicoke. Sword Drill at 7:30 PM.

Kingsway (3387), Our Lady of Grace (3401), John F. Kennedy (5523), Sts. Peter and Paul (11337), Christ the King (12214), Nativity of Our Lord Council (12735), St. Patrick's (12782), St. Dominic's (14968) and Bishop Scalabrini (15329).

Council Representatives

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Assembly Events
Events for the Month of September
Installation of Officers
Memorial Service
Renewal of Obligations

Assembly Newsletter

Assembly Meetings
Communications Survey

Masters Meetings

Masters Letter Regarding Honour Guards for Funerals
Blessing of the Swords
Funeral Information Form
Wearing of Minature Jewels
Use of Swords


Council Events


Father Gregory Kelly Assembly Officers
2012-2013 Roster



Faithful Navigator

S.K. David Peters

Faithful Admiral

S.K. Joseph Mathews

Faithful Friar

S.K. Rev. Leo Burns

Faithful Friar S.K. Rev. John Bertao

Faithful Captain

S.K. Francisco Naar

Faithful Pilot

S.K. Frank Ficker

Faithful Scribe

S.K. Paul Hourechuck

Faithful Comptroller

S.K. Ron Craddock

Faithful Purser

S.K. Mike Colli

Faithful Inner Sentinel

S.K. Doug Meier

Faithful Inner Sentinel S.K. Kazimir DeSousa

Faithful Outer Sentinel

S.K. Remi Cruz

Faithful Outer Sentinel S.K. Frank Miele

Faithful Trustee 3 Years

S.K. Len Roach

Faithful Trustee 2 Years

S.K. Joe Rocha

Faithful Trustee 1 Year

S.K. Edmund Athaide




S.K. Francisco Naar

Assistant Commander

S.K. Vito Pastore

Assistant Commander

S.K. Remi Cruz

Assistant Commander

S.K. Biagio Vivilecchia

Assistant Commander

S.K. Brian Pinto

Assistant Commander

S.K. Joe Rocha

Assistant Commander S.K. Jacinto Fernandes

Fraternal Chairman

.S.K. Vito Pastore

Phone Committee

S.K. Al Vaz

Newsletter Chairman

S.K. Ron Craddock

Ciborium Chairman

S.K. Angus MacDougall

Hospitality Room Chairman

S.K. Frank Ficker



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