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1)                 Call to Order.          (One rap.)


2)                  Opening Ceremonies.


Faithful Navigator -   Sir Knights, we are about to open this meeting in the Fourth Section. Let our faithful officers assume their respective stations, and the Faithful Inner Sentinel and Outer Sentinel take their posts. (Pause) The Faithful Pilot will now advise with me and make known if all present are possessed of the proper membership cards.


Faithful Pilot -                     Faithful Navigator, your order has been obeyed. I report none but Faithful Knights present, and all are possessed of the current membership cards. (Except those in the custody of the guards before you)


Faithful Navigator -   Sir Knights, before entering upon our deliberations, let us acknowledge our dependence upon Almighty God, and call upon our Faithful Friar (or Faithful Admiral) to invoke His blessing by repeating aloud the Lord=s prayer. (Three raps.)   


Faithful Navigator -   Sir Knights, let us now sing the Opening Ode.          (One rap.)


Chair Officers please remain standing.


Faithful Pilot, what is the principle of the Fourth Degree?


Faithful Pilot -                     Patriotism.


Faithful Navigator -   Faithful Captain, what is our duty to the State?


Faithful Captain -                To respect and obey all lawful authority; to uphold and maintain those whose duty it is to administer the law; to defend and preserve unspotted and unstained, the flag of our country, and the principle for which it stands.


Faithful Navigator -   Faithful Admiral, what other duties do we have as Faithful Sir Knights of our Honoured Order?


Faithful Admiral -                To maintain Unity; to practice the virtues of Charity and Brotherly Love, to exemplify in all our relations with our fellow men and the State the sublime teachings of Holy Mother Church.


Faithful Navigator - (Three raps for the Assembly to rise.)   


And so it is, Sir Knights, Fealty to Christ begets Loyalty to the State, and the faithful practice of our Holy Religion begets good citizens and the Patriot. I now declare this Assembly regularly opened for the transaction of business.(One rap at the conclusion.)


3)                  Roll Call of Officers


Faithful Navigator -        Let the Faithful Scribe call the roll of our Faithful Officers.

(Two raps.)  


At the conclusion of the roll call of Faithful Officers the Faithful Navigator asks:


- Would all Past Faithful Navigators present in the chambers please stand and be recognized.   

- Would all Grand Knights present in the chambers please stand and be recognized.

-Would all District Deputies present please stand and be recognized.

- Would all Guests present in the chambers please stand and be recognized.



4)                  Reading of the minutes of Previous Meeting.

- Motion to accept the minutes from the Faithful Scribe

* Are there any corrections to the minutes? .......

   They are approved as read (or amended).


5)                  Reading of the Following Communications. (Faithful Scribe).

S                    Invitations and/or thank you cards (if any)

S                    Correspondence from the Master

S                    Other correspondence



6)                  Report of the Faithful Comptroller.

S                    Reading of the following Bills:

S                    Faithful Comptroller’s bills

S                    Faithful Navigator’s bill

S                    Other bills, such as Commanders, Newsletter Editor, Fraternal Chairman, etc

S                    Reading of Warrants issued since the last general meeting.

S                    Any other business to report.


7)                  Report of the Faithful Purser.

S                    Reading of the balances, receipts and disbursements since the last general meeting.

S                    Motion to accept the report from the Faithful Purser.

S                    Notice of Motion for Budget.




8)                  Report of Committees.

1)                  Fraternal - Sir Knight Hubbert Venner

ii)         Commander - Sir Knight Gerry Smith

iii)        Dinner Dance – Sir Knight Anthony D’Souza

iv)                Newsletter – Sir Knight Damiano Carbonelli. Newsletter Articles in by first week of November. Ads are welcome (check with Murray). Get business card from Tony Cucci.

v)                  Membership - Sir Knight Tony Cucci


9)                 Report of the Faithful Navigator (see below)



10)              Unfinished Business.

S                    Host Clergy Exemplification on January 29, 2007


11)              New Business.




12)              Report of the Third Degree.

- Grand Knights or the Council Representatives may speak on activities in their councils.



13)              Faithful Friar’s Report



Faithful Navigator -        Sir Knights, before preceding to the close this meeting, let me ask: Does any Sir Knight present know of a member of this assembly, or an unassisted brother of this Order, sick or in distress?






Closing Ceremonies.


Faithful Navigator -        Sir Knights, is there any further business to come before this Assembly? (Pause) If there be none, we shall proceed to close the meeting.     





(Two raps, chair officers only rising.)  


Faithful Navigator -        Faithful Pilot what are the emblems of this Degree?


Faithful Pilot -        The Flag, the Sword and the Cross.



Faithful Navigator -        Yes, Sir Knights, these glorious symbols typify patriotism, liberty and faith, the heaven-sent attributes of our Christian citizenship.


Faithful Pilot what say you for the flag?


Faithful Pilot -        The flag of OUR Country is our pride. We love it, and shall ever defend it.


Faithful Navigator -        Faithful Admiral, what say you for the Sword?


Faithful Admiral -   Let us keep it bright for Liberty=s sake.


Faithful Navigator -        Faithful Captain, what say you for the Cross?



Faithful Captain -    (Holding cross aloft) This is the Cross of Christ, the exponent of Christian ideals, the conqueror of death, the giver of life. Supreme reverence for this sacred symbol will crown our Country queen in the sisterhood of nations. It is the bulwark of national honour, the inspiration of patriotism, the guardian of personal worth; for it was crimsoned with the blood of self-sacrifice.


Faithful Navigator -        Sir Knights, we pledge undying allegiance to the Cross of Christ, and to Christ=s Vicar upon earth.


Sir Knights, we shall now close this meeting. Let us pray that we may ever be united in charity, that God may bless our work, aid us to keep our pledges for His greater glory, and that he may grant eternal peace to the souls of our departed brothers. (Faithful Friar or Faithful Admiral to lead the Assembly in prayer).


(Three raps.)   

Sir Knights, let us now face the flag and sing the Closing Ode.


Note: The Closing Ode shall always be the National Anthem.


Attendance Draw and 50/50 Draw


I now declare this Assembly duly closed until our next appointed meeting

November 16th , 2006


(One rap.)




Faithful Navigator’s Report


October 19, 2006 General Meeting


Master’s District Meeting is on Saturday October 28th at St. Marguerite d’Youville High School, 10815 Dixie Road in Brampton. Registration begins at 9 AM. Meeting starts at 10 AM. Cost is $13 per person. Need to give the Master the number of Sir Knights that will be attending.


We, and our wives, will be joining Our Lady of Ludzmieerz Assembly, 1206 Steeles Avenue West in Brampton, for our Installation of Officers, which will be held on Saturday November 4, 2006. Mass at 6 PM followed by the Installation. Cost is $15 per person, which includes buffet dinner and bottle of wine on each table.


Review phone committee meeting. Need new phone committee members.


Review correspondence from the Master, such as council mapping.


Outstanding Items.


We need to present last year’s Ciborium, in honour of our deceased members, to Father Ed Murphy (S.K. Ed Hammond).


Sir Knights are using the website ( We average 50 hits a week. If there is difficulty in accessing the website directly through your browser, such as Internet Explorer, then enter the website address using Google and click on the link that is displayed.


Each council that is affiliated with the Assembly has been asked to appoint one or more Fourth Degree representatives to promote membership and Assembly events.




Program. Looking for locations for the following:


March 24 or 25, 2007 – Blessing of the Swords (Location and Time TBA)


April/May 2007 – Western Night (Location and Time TBA)


We may be hosting the Exemplification for the Clergy in January. (January 29, 2007)


July 1, 2007 – Patriotic Program/Project. It was decided that the Faithful Navigator look into the possibility of the Assembly taking part in the City of Mississauga’s Canada Day celebrations.