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Father Gregory Kelly Assembly No. 0872


Minutes of the Phone Committee Meeting


The Executive Meeting was held at Sts. Peter and Paul Church on Wednesday October 4, 2006.


The Faithful Navigator S.K. Joe Mathews called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM.


We discussed various aspects of the Phone Committee. Members of the phone committee leave messages with the expectations of a call back. They usually do not receive one. In some cases it is felt that their calls are considered more of a nuisance by some of the Sir Knights. It was decided that the Phone Committee would call all the members to find out which Sir Knights wish to be call and who does not. This same survey will be sent out with the invoices and appear in the newsletter (see attached survey). We need to obtain the email addresses from those Sir Knights that have one. It was suggested that we have backups for each Phone Committee member when they go away. The Phone Committee has requested a copy of the latest members list.


Bro. Joe Rocha said that a few of the Phone Committee members have asked to be replaced. They contact members from the following councils:

1.      Sts. Peter and Paul – approximately 30 members on this list.

2.      St. Christopher’s (21), Our Lady of Peace (5) and Father James Farrell (1) - approximately 27 members on this list.

3.      St. Patrick’s  – approximately 21 members on this list.


The Phone Committee is as follows:

S.K. Vic Bonello – Councils 8661, 12706 and 11336

S.K. Aurel Chiasson – Councils 12214, 12735 and 11336

S.K. Vito Pastore – Councils 5523, 3387, 3401 and 3945

S.K Joe Remedios – Council 12067

S.K. Roberto Vissani – Councils 4973, 7851, 7922, 10283 and 10619


? – Council 12782

? – Council 11337

? – Councils 3296, 8668 and 12372


Members were informed that the Masters meeting is on Saturday October 28th.


S.K. Joe Rocha will be out of town for the end of October. S.K. Joe Remedios will be the contact person for the phone committee during S.K. Joe Rocha’s absence.


S.K. Anthony D’Souza reviewed the status of our Annual Dinner/Dance.


The meeting was closed at 9:05 PM with a prayer.